Hello, followers… all perhaps 2 of you.

I have moved to in my shuffle around, trying to separate Willowzee and Heatherfev (me!) a little bit more.

It will probably be updated as much as this, so like, never.. but if you are interested in what I have to say, there is the place!


Blah, Meh, Bluh

I don’t know whats up with me recently, I’m normally an emotional spaz, feeling emotional isn’t new to me, but the last few weeks it’s been building up and up and up and I feel like I am gunna blow.

I think I’m stressed because we are trying for a baby, yet to no avail.. and yes I know, it takes time and sometimes it doesn’t happen.  But I’ve been feeling sick, so tired.. even to the point of napping, which I don’t do! and smells are turning my stomach… I take tests and they’re always negative.  Clearly I am just going insane.

I recently let myself get upset about stuff online, when I constantly tell others not to let it get to them, I blame this on the fact that I have lost the plot, emotionally.  Plurk is one of those places for me that holds so much good, but also so much bad, I don’t particularly use it to be awfully social, but I do like to lurk, to catch up with what ppl are doing on SL, to read ppls blogs, and store updates, even to read about peoples RL.  I decided to separate my SL and RL on there and although it’s nice and quiet, I am finding I miss a lot of people on my SL line that aren’t on my RL one, but I also don’t want to add everyone and their cat to my RL one, because that defeats the point!

It shouldn’t matter, I shouldn’t let it stress me, if I wanna plurk on willis, I should, if i wanna plurk on my rl one… I should, I shouldn’t let things get to me that aren’t a huge deal in my life, let’s face it.. plurk and SL won’t be around forever and how many of your “friends” will you stay in touch with? I think anyone that is my RL friend, I have on other platforms, at least somewhere we can catch up if SL or Plurk, or WordPress or whatever blew up tomorrow, I’d find them, and they would find me.

This is just a ramble, sometimes I think I should find a therapist, they’d probably tell me that I should get a grip, and that this is the fucking internet, which is usually how I feel about it, but its amazing how someone you don’t know, that doesn’t know you and doesn’t even really bother with you, acknowledge you, or speaks to you can affect you with just a few words.  Shouldn’t we only care what people who are dear to us think?  We should, but it’s not always that simple, is it.   I have found that that a few people are on my wavelength with how I feel and completely understand, some listen to me ramble, and some just make jokes and that reminds me that not all is lost if one person out of 100billion thinks you suck, because you probably think they suck sometimes too, or you just don’t care enough to think about it.

Hmmm, what to do.

New start

Hiii, happy 2013. I’m only a month late.

Yesterday I made some changes to my online life, jiggled things about, shut down parts of it.. in a bid to retain my sanity and also in a bid to be more social on other platforms.   When you find yourself with over 400 “friends” on places like Plurk or FB, or Twitter, but really, a chunk of those people aren’t your friends, they’re acquaintances at best, people you see type, you don’t actually converse with them… and you start to lose who you are because of it, it’s time to change that stuff, yo!   There are strong opinions everywhere, but I’m not the type to enjoy having opinions that aren’t mine shoved down my throat, or be bossed about, or be ignored, or anything like that.. I’m a placid, kind person, too kind (4 ppl have said that in the last 24 hrs!) and I was starting to feel… not like that person, it’s been coming for a long time and I finally thought yesterday, you know what… if it isn’t fun, run.

So anyway this post is marking a new start, a start where I can start to start to root out the real me again, the me that doesn’t worry too much about what people think, the me that won’t be upset if someone that doesn’t even really know me or bother with me, or likes me…  suggests i’m not a good person, or i’m boring, or i blog too much or too little or any other opinion they have at the time.  I know who I am deep down, and my nearest and dearest know the real me, and they love me, and you know what?  That’s all the validation I need.  Right? Right!

I’m sick of people suggesting my friends list or friends defines me, they do not. What defines me is my personality, me, the person I am and strive to be Sure the people I align myself with are ppl I obviously choose to asscociate with, but how many of you can say you always agree and share the same principles as your “friends”? How many of you have a huge fb list, or plurk, or wherever can honestly say outside of that platform that you even talk to these “friends”? Not many.

I’m sick of the moral police that judge you. My moral compass works for me. Yours works for you. Let’s just agree to have different compasses without a huge debate.

I was finding on plurk (and FB for that matter) I wasn’t agreeing with much lately, I don’t partake in internet dramatics if I can help it, because I have better things to do, but I was feeling myself being sucked in and I hated it. Of course you get upset if people call you names, if they’re mean to you, but it’s how you choose to deal with it that makes the difference. I wasn’t sure anymore how to deal with it all, the seeing a bunch of drama, people being upset, not really having loyalty or affiliation either way but feeling I should. I’m a fiercely loyal person, to an extent and to those that I am close to, but I don’t want to get involved in fights, battles, whatevers.. I’m a 33yr old mother of 2, the internet for me is supposed to be somewhere I can come to get away from the whole amateur dramatics my 12yr old tells me about on a daily basis. Is that wrong? Does that make me a bad person?

Perhaps it does. But it’s time I started looking after me, doing things that make me happy, that make me feel like myself without fear of rejection or retribution or having vague snarky comments therown at me, or people on my “friends” list judging me for whatever reason. This is my life. This is my happiness, who is anyone to have a say in that but those dearest to me?

This has been a ramble, as usual, and I’m sure some people will think it’s aimed at them, it’s not. I will miss the 400 “friends” I had, but pretty sure 350 of those won’t even care or notice or be indifferent either way, at one time I’d be upset by that, but now, it feels like a relief.

I feel like a weight has been lifted. And nobody should ever have to feel like that about a place that is supposed to be fun. I’m too sensitive, I take too much to heart, I care too much about what people think. Shocker, eh? I’m flawed. But I’m going to be flawed my way, take me or leave me.

Nobody will probably make it this far, but if you do and you’re one of the people I’ve left behind, feel free to add me in world Willow Zander. Or gtalk

This is a positive thing for me, I’ve already talked to 2 ppl I’d normally only say hi to on social platforms, it felt great!!!!!!

Ramble over.

Long time no blog..

I am such a slacker, I keep saying i’ll keep this more updated, then I just wander off and go OOOHH SHINY again when something glimmers in the sun, SORRY!

So what’s new with me? Not much really! Lost more weight, a total of 36lbs now all together!  I am feeling so much better about myself, there is a long road ahead but you know… the slower it comes off, the more I notice it stays off, and that’s the best thing.  We’re cooking a bit more together, Holly and I… doing a bit of this, doing a bit of that.. I admit I have been slack with the exercise since I had manflu, but I seem to manage ok just counting calories atm, and I have nearly 1500 a day!   Some days it’s a struggle to reach that high, depends on what I eat, but hey.. I am not adverse to ramming a bit of chocolate in there :P

What else is happening? Hmmm.. Simon has his last day on the 31st December, and we have some choices to make with what to do with his redundancy.. do we move? do we extend the house?  Sigh, I dunno… I like our house and our area but there is just not enough room, and if we are planning on another lil one, we are going to need it!  We are “trying”.. although just as and when, not super actively.. just if it happens, it happens!

I’m still doing my thang online, I log in SL daily to try and keep to my resolution of doing a blog post a day,  I manage it most days, I tend to get up early before the kids wake and get on then, I don’t get a lot of time after they’re awake to hop online, and that works for me.   I am currently on a bit of a plurk hiatus… I did not sign up to read drama, although duhhh, it’s the internet, it’s plurk, of course it’s dramatic.. but the whole idea of my plurk was to just be sociable, and when I started to feel less and less like I wanted to be social on there, I decided it was time to stfu for a bit…

It got me thinking about the term “friend”.  Honestly, most of my “friends” on plurk never interact with me,  and vice versa, a majority of them I don’t think i’d label “friend” at all, more like acquaintance, and that’s cool with me, I’ve made some great friends on plurk whom I love dearly and wouldn’t trade for the world, but I don’t see how anyone with over 300 ppl on their line can claim they are all “friends”, so I don’t!   I don’t believe every word they utter, I don’t agree with 95% of shit that comes out of my “friends” mouths, but it’s about being social, right?  That’s what I used to think, now I just think it’s a bit of a pit, but that’s because atm all I have in my head is the douchey side of it, plus there are more and more ppl I am becoming unable to stand even seeing tbh,  PLUS.. maybe not being so active on plurk will make me reach out more in SL! or comment on blogs more, or just generally see who really truely classes me “friend”

But anyhooo that’s besides the point.  There was no point, I just wanted a ramble!

I am enjoying the silence, I don’t get much IRL so having it online is… nice.


So,  I’m blogging from my mobile on holiday,  sorta testing it out.

Its been… fun but testing,  my kids,  my parents.. lost small amounts of any sanity I had left.

I’ve seen SO many dogs while I’ve been away,  at least 90% more than I see regularly at home, and everyone around me is getting new pets,  mostly dogs and its left me missing Jake terribly.  Simon isn’t keen on another dog,  and usually Ill whine until I get my way.. but I’m trying to be thoughtful.

I’ll never forget the morning he died, I was cranky with him because I was trying to
sorted to leave the house and he was dawdling, it so I thought.   I yelled upstairs for him to come down and get his food,  I thought it was off,  normally he was around my ankles.   When I saw him I knew something was terribly wrong,  he was struggling down the stairs lopsided,  like he’d had a stroke.  He made it to my feet and just collapsed,  looking at me.  I knew it want good but didn’t want to panic,  I calmly sat Sian down,  rang the bet who told me to take him straight away and then my mum to ask for a lift,  as I hadn’t been driving long and I was upset.  Then I sat and cried with him, his head in my lap looking up at me like..  its OK,  I’m OK,  and he just went.  Tearing up just thinking about it.   I’m thankful I was with him and it wasn’t a work day,  and I’m hopeful it was so fast he didn’t suffer.

I miss you,  you crazy loondog.  You will never be replaced and we still have your collar to remember you by.  Hope you’re driving everyone batty in doggy heaven with your tippy tappy claws and constant thinking you’re a lapdog.  We love you xox


Today I am feeling.. Meh.  I feel meh often, this isn’t a new meh, its a recurring meh.  What is this meh I speak of??  It’s the MEH I feel when I care what people think.

I’m going to cut a long story short, sort of:

Simon and I went to a work friends party a few months back, I got HIGHLY drunk on wine and yes, I spewed (in the toilets!!!) and we were having banter.. I was mocking his rubiks cube, he was mocking my Second Life.  Well anyway, I thought it was a great night, the hostess was FINE with the fact i’d got drunk/spewed.. she didn’t GIVE a shit lol, everyone was hungover the next day, but me.. so a good time was had by all. Anyway, a woman at work told a friend of mine at work that we had turned up late, I’d necked wine, been sick everywhere, and spent the whole night arguing with Simon.  Technically she wasn’t wrong but that wasn’t how it happened at ALL!  I was terribly upset by this, even tho the woman is a complete harpy and I want to punch her in the face, I was truly mortified.

Anyway, we went out again (minus her) with people I work with and it was a great night, but the guy that she said something to last time went into work today and told her about our meal and she was all “did simon go?” and he said “yeah?” and then she was like “told you they’d be at it like cat and dog” and he said that he was like “umm, no? Simon is an argumentative fella, but he didn’t argue with Heather” and apparently she wouldn’t accept that. She *knew* we’d be scrapping, and now i’m upset again. Why?! WHY!?!? I DON’T CARE WHAT SHE THINGS, but it angers me that because we “bantered” she thinks we’re at each others throats all the time, it genuinely makes me want to cry because it’s just not true, but that’s her perception.

We have a healthy relationship that includes banter, what is so wrong with that?  So I was pissed off about that, then of course the guy was like “Simon went on about Singapore a bit” which he did, he was drunk and he waffles on about things he’s passionate about when he’s drunk.. but then that left me feeling awful that i’d even taken him. But why? Why do I care??  I love the guy, and he IS obnoxious at times, and arrogant, and I want to punch him in the face, but who cares? He’s happy with who he is, he doesn’t give a flying fuck what people think about him, why should I care what people think? These people are people that I seeing almost daily at work, but he will see once in a blue moon.

I thought I was over the giving a shit about what people think stage, I thought i’d come on with the anxiety and the worry and the feeling crappy about this sort of thing.  Today just proved that I am still the same old stupid worrisome me.  Worrying about things that need not be worried about.  I wish I could be care free :(


So what’s new? Nothing really! Still same old same old!

Not as happy as I could be but happy with how happy I am etc etc!  I mean we  could ALL be happier in some way, shape or form, but I am happy with my happy. HAPPY IS GOOD!!

I have dropped some events from *Frooti which feels like a great weight off my shoulders, I mean it was only me pushing myself, but I just dreaded logging into SL to do it, at the minute i’m in my blogging, inventory sorting groove, so that’s good!

I cut some negativity out of my life too (again), not really a path I relished taking, but someone had to do *something* and it looks like it was left to me, no surprise there, but that’s ok.. made my peace with it, was happy I was right all along, felt a bit smug, then a bit sad, now just *SHRUG*.. not my loss!  It was a long assed time coming, I can’t stand people that tell me one thing, while not being honest to someone else, not the kind of person I want to deal with anymore and it’s going to take some fucking convincing to make me go back, which won’t happen sooOoooOoooOooo… fini!

Of course the huge bitch in me toys with the idea of letting the other person in on it all, because THEY are worth more too, but meh.  Not touching that shit with a 50ft barge pole, if you’re dumb enough to have blinkers on, you’re going to tread in some shit and man, you got some huge piles you’re swerving atm.

What else? Hmmm.. diet isn’t going great, but I have a CONSTANT headache, like legit 24/7… so I just shove food in me to try and feel better, which it doesn’t it just makes me feel worse cos it’s the WRONG type of food, but i’m sorting it.  Also joining a gym soon (it’s not open yet!) half excited about that, half dreading it!

I could whinge about work but I better not incase by some remote chance someone finds it, but I will say that it’s not much fun lately, but I am thankful I have a job, soooo, I guess I should stfu.

Now I must go work! TOODLES <3



50 Shades of FUCK OFF.

Yeah. Ok.. we get it, 50 Shades of Grey is badly written, kinda lame, semi erotic, bdsm porn fanfic.  WE FUCKING KNOW ALREADY.

I love the books, I do… and I am by no means of low intelligence or vanilla sexually, not by a long fucking shot and I am sick to DEATH of reading on my FB, on Twitter, on Plurk, wherever.. take your pick, people that DON’T like them being really rather rude about people that do.

Are the books badly written? Oh hells to the yes? Are some of the bits lolworthy? HAHA YES!  Is the BDSM hardcore? LOLWUT? not at ALL… I don’t think it’s on par with The Hobbit, or A Child Called It, or The Bell Jar, or any other book I really enjoyed reading, not at all… but does that mean I have a low enough IQ I have to stick to badly written books? Fuck you.  Does it mean that I think the books are EXTRA STEAMY because I have a shit sex life? Again.. fuck you.

I don’t mind opinions, everyone has them, but you don’t have to be a total douchenugget about yours.  So what? You don’t like the book.. do you feel the need to rip everyone that likes something you don’t to shreds?  Why? Does it make you a bigger person? No.  It makes you a fucking moron.  So I might pin a billionty and four someecards to my pinterest about finding Christian Grey, I will readily agree that I have read and reread the books 3 times now.  And yes, I skipped most of the sex parts because they AREN’T that hot.  I like the underlying, sappy, dumb love story and yes, the idea of Mr Grey makes me go “OHHHHH MYYYYY” because I am allowed to do that over fictional ppl, it’s that lil thing I call “My Imagination Red Room of All Things OOOH”, or MIRRATOOOH” for short.

Why do people assume because it’s a book with BDSM in it that anyone that reads it and gets a loinstir must be some kind of sexually starved vanilla saddo?  I’m sure some ppl are, just like some of the ppl going “HAHAHA 50 Shades of I CAN ONLY GET SEXSTIRS BY READING A BOOK” are too, so they can cram it up their lady/manparts.  I won’t say “oh yeah I have sex every day *SMUGFACE*” because it’s more like every other day *SMUGFACE* and is it boring and missionary all the time? hahaahhahahahaahahahahah is all I have to say about THAT.  The ppl yelling THAT BDSM IN THE BOOK IS CRAP probably wouldn’t know harder BDSM if it hit them in the face with a ballgag and stuck a burning hot pin through their nipple.  It’s not CRAP, it’s just not HARDCORE.  It’s a sodding Twilight Fanfic ffs, what did you expect? Someone on one of those horse things with shackles being whipped until they bleed with some latex balloon over their head while dressed as a dog?  I’ll get right on writing that book, shall I?

I dunno now, I just know I saw something earlier and was like ARE YOU SHITTING ME? and I decided i’d had enough of people and their stupid fucking shoved down your throat opinions. A lot of my friends laugh at me for liking the books, but they aren’t mean with it, and that’s fine, we have a joke and a laugh… but if you start mocking people or judging them because of it?  GTFO. ESPECIALLY if you act like the worlds biggest world peace let’s all hold hands and sing kumbyfuckingah know it all.

I love Twilight too, infact I’m a HUGE Twilight Fan, I have trading cards too, SUE ME.  (and if you think I read just trashy shit, I’m currently reading the all time classic Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters (ha!))

Ok, I feel validated now and nobody that this is aimed at will read it so YAY. SNIDEVAGUEBLOGPOSTFTW


I need to sort my life out.  Not want.. NEED.

I go through phases, phases of just being overwhelmingly tired, no matter how much or little sleep I get.  I’m doing it right now.  Ugh.  I seem to have this routine, i’ll go to bed early and i’ll sleep and i’ll get myself into a nice little routine and then one night i’ll stay up a bit longer and BLAMMO… fucked sleep schedule for WEEKS.

Last night I went up around.. what? 10:30pm.. hardly burning the midnight oil.  But then I’ll watch something on TV, that’ll finish, then I’ll pick up my phone and play, or pick up my kindle…if it’s a book that makes my loins stir (HIII CHRISTIAN GREYYYYY) then I might try and wake Mr W, if that happens we’re up for another hour or so, if it fails, I am still awake for an hour or so sulking.  Last night when I actually looked at the clock it was 1am and I was STILL awake.

Simon goes to work at 5amish.. or at least that’s when he gets up and creaks every last mother fucking floorboard in the house.  So, sometimes I stir and want to punch him.  Holly’s alarm goes off at 6:30am so she can get herself up and ready an watch some shitty animal programme that comes on at 7am, usually this wakes Sian too.. that’s fine, they let me sleep but I’m awake cos her alarm is OBNOXIOUS and she doesn’t hear it until it’s woken everyone anyway.  Then I finally get up around 7am and cry into my non existent cornflakes because I am soooo fucking tired.

Then it’s the old “Will a coffee wake me up ritual?” after I get to work, no, of course it fucking won’t, it never does! But I’ll still get one, then I will bitch that I still don’t feel awake and get another, which then makes me feel sick, and then I am both sick AND tired. YAY!

I don’t know, it’s a vicious circle, I think to feel better generally I need to eat better, which I did for a few weeks and felt fab and lost weight… but everyone in my household is such a pain in the arse that I just throw my hands in the air and admit defeat, I should just do what I want to do for dinner and not worry about anyone else, I’ve conditioned them to think its ok to say “well I don’t want this, I don’t want that” instead of the old “You’ll get what you’re given” my own fault. sigh.  So yeah, I need to break the circle, I need to eat better, I definitely need to drink more water, I need to exercise more… I make excuses like “Oh i’m so tired I can’t” which isn’t a lie, but I’m sure I could push myself for 20 minutes of Jillian pain, it’s only 20 mins after all.  What else am I going to do in that 20 mins? Nothing that will make me feel better sooooo.

I dunno, I’m in one of those “I’m fed up” ruts.  I am fed up with some aspects of my SL, I am fed up with some of my RL.  I need to make changes but I don’t know if I have the courage or will to do them, not that they’re like.. life changing or huge by ANY means, it’s just piddling little things that only affect me really! I just am the worlds biggest procrastinator sometimes.  I am always telling people to follow their hearts, and I as a rule, I do.  I feel its THE only way to live.

What’s the point in living your life with regret, or not feeling like you’re doing what you want to do?  If it’s just a little change to make, make that change.  I need to repeat that to myself and etch it on my retinas.  Do what makes ME happy, screw everyone else.. well not screw them, but you know.. if you aren’t happy for you, then you aren’t going to make other people happy, it could be the smallest change in the world or the largest, it might hurt you, it might hurt others, it might be the best thing you ever did, it might be a mistake.  But life is full of mistakes, it’s how we learn.

I know I learn every day a little bit more about myself and others around me.  Every day I care a little less about something that I cared about hugely, and it’s kind of a relief and also kind of sad, but the choices being made are out of my hands.  Every day I care a little MORE about something that I used to not care about so much, like my health… It’s fucking important, I see it now.  I didn’t before.

I don’t want to sit around moping, or feeling sorry for myself.  I want to do what I want to do, and I want to feel good about it.  Elika said last night that she doesn’t understand why I don’t cut the negative people/things out of my life, and it’s like a little bit of self torture keeping them/it around and it’s true, but it’s who I am, but maybe she’s right!

This turned into a bit of a ramble :/ but it is my journal soooo :D


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be “Switzerland”? Well, I can tell you, it’s rarely fun.

Of course by that I mean “I am neutral” and of course by that, what am I on about? Friendships.  Yep.

In life we all have people we are super close to, and usually, they are close or friendly or even just courteous to people that we do not care for, infact sometimes we want to spew venom in their faces until it melts off… it happens in RL, it happens online, actually probably more so online because quite frankly I’ve never met people in RL that I want to smack in the face with a table when they speak.. online? ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME.

Now, I consider myself Switzerland in all these situations, and I’d like to think that most people do.  I have a friend in RL, shes one of my best friends but we don’t see each other all that much due to our schedules, but we know we can always rely on each other.  She is friends with about 3 or 4 girls from school, that for one reason, one year, decided they all hated me.  It was quite baffling as before they decided this like some sort of demented coven we were all very friendly, infact one of them was my best friend for several years.  Whatever, I got over it.. I’ve extended many an olive branch to have it smacked in my face and I am too old for their petty schoolground bullshit, so what do I do? I am Switzerland.   If I visit my friend and she mentions them, I politely ask how they are and that’s it.  She knows that I am Switzerland and she appreciates it, the main harpy (ex bestie) of the group though, is not Switzerland, she tries to enforced (or tried) that nobody from the group spoke to me (HHAHAHA we are THIRTY, PEOPLE!) and my friend, rightly so, told her that it was HER choice who she was friends with and if she didn’t like it, she could shove off.   I admire that, because it means that I am worth something to said friend, either that, or you know, SHES NOT 5!

I can’t stand the animosity and sheer disappointment I feel when people are not Switzerland.  I mean sure, we all have our crosses to bear and of COURSE I am not suggesting that if you dislike or hate someone for a good reason you shouldn’t, girl you hate!!! PREACH!! whatever.. but for me, I don’t do that. I don’t pick sides, I won’t be told who I can and can’t be friends with, I won’t be dictated to like a child and I especially won’t do it if you won’t extend me the same courtesy.  Of course there are people I want to roll my eyes at everytime I see their name, and I do, in the privacy of my own head… because.. I am Switzerland.

There is nothing worse than having friends that hate each other, or even just acquaintances and seeing them make snarky, snide comments about each other.  I’m down with ignoring it, I do mostly, but I am so tired of feeling like I should watch what I say, or who I say things to incase someone else sees it and goes “TRAITOR zOMGZ”.  I am so tired of it that I decided to rant about being Switzerland.

If you are on my FB, friends list, Plurk, Twitter… whatever.. I like you (mostly.. hi, did I tell you? I’m Switzerland), this means that I want you to be there (mostly) but you have to respect the fact I might have people you don’t like there too, they might converse with me, you might see them comment, you might see us laugh and joke, you might see us discuss things.  What does this mean to you? FUCK ALL.  It doesn’t mean that I hate you, or that I am taking sides, it means that I’m Thirty fucking Three this year and I will not be dragged into some petty online (or offline.. depends where) shit that you want to crow about.  I am sorry if someone hurt you, I know what it’s like to be hurt… but you know what you can do? You can choose to ignore it.. I do!  I see someone on plurk sometimes that it hurts to see, and what do I do? I simply walk away.. because 1. I am fucking Switzerland 2. I am not a teenager having an emo 3. I will not allow them to see they are getting to me 4. I like to treat others how I would like to be treated.

There are people I would like to see hit with a bus (sorry bus drivers, it’s true) and there are people I want to protect and smother and embrace.  I have my little “cliques” I guess, we all do in ways, but that doesn’t mean that I’m an elitist bitch who will roll her eyes every time someone I don’t care for breathes.  There are people I care for that have truely been hurt by people and sure, I will avoid these people if I don’t know them, I won’t go out of my way to get to know them, I also won’t go out of my way to be a giant cunt to them either.  But I am sure as shit if we delve into each others friends lists, we will ALL find somebody that has, in some way, shape or form “wronged us” no matter how large or small, or someone that we want to smash in the face.  It’s LIFE.  But you know what we do about it? We declare ourselves Switzerland and we don’t put our mutual friend/acquaintance/whatever in a bad position.  We don’t make them feel bad, or guilty.  We accept their choices and we carry on being their friend, and we try and be Switzerland.

This rant was bought to you by the letters I.AM.UP.TOO.EARLY.ON.A.SATURDAY and a can of Sugar Free Red Bull.


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